2-bit Binary Multiplier

The Plan

My plan with this project was to design a 2-bit miltiplier using Karnaugh map simplification and implement the design on a breadboard to practice what I've learned after my semester of Digital Design class.

I believe that building a 2-bit multiplier was supposed to be a lab project for Digital Design class before the class was moved online for quarantine and the labs became Verilog HDL based circuit implemntations. Which was all the more reason for me to take the responsibility of this simple project on my own.

The Process

The design using Karnaugh maps was simple of course, I devised a truth table for the circuit operations, then used the maps to form equations for each output bit, Co being the LSB.

The 2-bit multiplier in its simplest form contains two XOR gates, to make things a bit more complicated for myself for better practice, I opted out of using XOR gate ICs in the implementation and instead only used AND, OR, & NOT gates.