Logic Gate Demonstration with Transistors

The Plan

My plan with this project was to study and replicate the essential logic gates at the transistor level to further my understanding of how exactly the transistor can be used to manipulate current

Inputs for the logic gates are provided by the arduino nano on the top breadboard to the left, where A is the first input and B is the second when following the truth tables.

The Outcome

This was my first project utilizing breadboards and electronic circuit components. What I learned in this project very much helped me complete my ALU project, in which I ran out of room on the boards to apply another IC, so then I was able to build the remaining necessary logic with transistors.

The XNOR gate was particularly difficult to build, to circumnavigate the issues I was facing in building the XNOR I bought my first multimeter, with which I learned how to probe for continuity and the voltages across components to find the source of my issues, which again very much helped me when constructing my ALU.

I also learned that the appropriate resistor value in series with the base of the transistor is certainly required, as I burned my finger touching a fried transistor for the first and last time.